Monday, May 28, 2018

Winnipeg Looks for Respect, on the Ice and Off It

For a short moment after the Sunday end, the decibel level dropped in Bell MTS Place, and the white-clad public of 15,321 was shocked.

The Knights are the third team in NHL history to reach the Cup final in the inaugural season, joining Toronto Arenas in 1918 and St. Louis Blues from 1968.

"As I said, it's great to win tonight and be great at being the champions of the Western Conference, but that's not why we're here."

Ryan Reaves, from Winnipeg, scored the winning goal at 13:21 of the second period, and Alex Tuch scored the first goal for the Knights.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Winnipeg Jets reminisce on historic playoff run

Less than 48 hours after the historic Winnipeg Jets playoff race came to an end, the team returned to Bell MTS Place to speak with the media on Tuesday.

"A lot of hope and expectation and everything changes in a week," said Jets captain Blake Wheeler.

"It's very difficult to swallow because we felt like we were there in every game," said goalkeeper Connor Hellebuyck.

The Jets dropped three victories before a trip to the Stanley Cup final after losing to the Golden Knights of Las Vegas in the Eastern Conference finals.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Busy offseason now looms for Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg jets planes are dead. "The Vegas Golden Knights" shocked the world of hockey (again) by withdrawing the "Jets" in the final of the Western Conference to move to the Stanley Cup finals in their first season. This is the first time the expansion team made a round of the championship in any major North American sport since 1968 in the St. Louis Blues, although in a variety of circumstances.

The incredible victory of Vegas occurs after the Jets took off the winner of the Nashville Predators, who won the trophies of the presidents, in the second round, confirming their status as one of the best teams that the league can offer. Incredibly, the Golden Knights were better.

And the most surprising of all, that all this series was just five games.

Let's see where everything went wrong for the aircraft.

Come on, did you expect us to start somewhere else? Fleury was the biggest factor for the Golden Knights throughout his unlikely playoffs, and he was again impressive for most of the conference finals.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Saskatchewan minister hawking Jets tickets says they were for a friend

This week, the Minister of Finance of Saskatchewan Ken Shevelauff was not the first time connected with questions about tickets to the hockey game of Winnipeg Jets.

The last kerfuffle includes a photo published on Tuesday on Twitter. This shows that Cheveldayoff is trying to unload two tickets before the game of the 5th series of the Jets / Knights Western Conference playoffs.

This incident recalls more consistent disputes. Cheveldayoff was in mid-2014. Now Chevaldayoff changed its story about this incident, which became known as "Ticketgate".

Monday, May 21, 2018

Stunned Jets credit Golden Knights: ‘It was their time’

The magical playoffs of Winnipeg Jets suddenly ended.

The Golden Knights of Vegas won "Jets 2-1" in Game 5 to win the final quarter of the West in four games on Sunday at Bell MTS Place. The Jets lost the last four games of the series.

"We had a great opportunity and this team, it was their time," said Captain Jets Blake Wheeler.

"They made it very hard for us. We had to work for everything that we had, and even when we broke them, we seem to have never been able to get the momentum that we need to get this information on our terms. "

Friday, May 18, 2018

Jets have their work cut out in Vegas

Fans of Winnipeg Jets arrived in Las Vegas, reveling in the novelty of their team in the third round of the NHL playoffs and coming to the city of Sins to see it.

"We've been waiting for our whole life to be so deep in the series, and then you throw Las Vegas into it, it's nuts," Chris Kirkwood said in the shadow of T-Mobile Arena.

The Jets pulled the Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 expansion into the final of the NHL West Conference with Game 4 at T-Mobile on Friday, and the series returned to Winnipeg for Sunday's game 5.

Some Jets fans had many days to follow their team.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gallant, Maurice took long road to lead Golden Knights, Jets

Gerard Gallant and Paul Maurice do not know each other, despite the fact that their coaching career of the NHL is superimposed for several years.

The men behind the benches for the gold knights of Vegas and the Winnipeg planes, although both led their teams to the final of the Western Conference after long winding paths.

Gallant was fired by the Florida panthers with a winning record of just 21 games in the 2016-17 season, Leaving him to drop a taxi outside the arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, after his things were unloaded from the bus.

Maurice was fired by Carolina Hurricanes twice. For the second time there were only 25 games of the season 2011-12.

They will match the mid-game on Wednesday night in Game 3, when Vegas hopes home ice gives him an edge in the dead-end series.

Gallant was shamefully released from his duties with the Panthers, a season after he was a finalist for the coach of the year, because of the philosophical differences between the analytical leadership and the old school coach.

"He stayed on the sidelines," said the Golden Knights James Neal.

And it turned out very well for Gallant and the team, which also came out of nowhere.

The coach, discarded by the Panthers, led the collection of garbage to an amazingly successful expansion season.

If the direct shooting coach can help Vegas win three more games, he will join Scottie Bowman as the only coaches who will lead the first expansion team in the Stanley Cup finals. Bowman did it 50 years ago with the St. Louis Blues, and the Hall of Fame is fighting for Gallant.

This season, Gallant won 51 games in his career, seventh in the league.

Similarly, Maurice had the best season with what, he said, was his best team. He won a career 52 games in his 20-year as an NHL coach. He won three wins from the second Stanley Cup finals. In 2002, the Red Wings, led by Bowman, defeated Carolina and raised the Cup.

Maurice joined the league as a coach in 1995 with Hartford Whalers, who moved to Carolina two years later. After he was fired for the first time under a franchise, he lasted only two seasons and had 10 games for .500 in the pressure cookers working with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

When Winnipeg opened the postseason with a victory over Minnesota, it was Maurice's first victory in the playoffs since 2009 during the second round with the hurricanes. He strengthened the perspective that he received over two decades in the best hockey league in the world, knowing full well how difficult it is to win in a league that can have more parity than any other in North American sports.

Maurice is the same student as the teacher who develops as a communicator after language barriers with players, practicing in Russia and learning to show maybe 10 video clips to his players, not 100 after training at the World Hockey Championship.

"He's tense in games, but when we do not play, he's pretty laid-back," said Andrew W. Kopp, the Wingpig Front. "He was in a very good mood, recently joked at meetings, this shows his confidence in our team. It's nice to have a coach behind a bench that does not panic. He has confidence, and we carry this mentality, too. "

Monday, May 14, 2018

How the Winnipeg Jets built a Stanley Cup contender

Paul Maurice five years ago experienced a hockey insight in the corridor of the arena Continental Hockey League.

"His parents passed away, he had a brother with special needs, which he cared about himself, and he played hockey," recalled Maurice. "He was just a great kid, and he played (well). I wanted to admit it and could not, because there was absolutely no English. Perhaps I had more Russian than he had English.

Now the head coach of Winnipeg Jets, who will look 2-0 against the Golden Knights of Vegas in the game of the 2nd final of the Western Conference on Monday, Maurice may have had an even more important moment of clarity, working as an assistant for Ralph Krueger with the European team in the championship of the world in hockey in 2016.

"We were fine, but we played a very simple game, we trained in a simple style and had a good success," he added. "As a staff (Jets), we spent the whole summer figuring out the simplest thing that we can do to make our group good - in all areas of all zones, in all parts of our game. when we talk about these things. We felt that this was the only way we could play faster, and we had speed.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Big Buff has Winnipeg Jets on verge of West final berth

Dustin Byfuglien chased his dance moves for a small celebration of his last big goal, which, perhaps, caught many by surprise.

The 6-foot 5, 260-pound Byfuglien makes a great impression on the NHL playoffs at both ends of the ice, as the planes made their way to one victory at the first wharf of Winnipeg in the Western Conference Finals. Timely goals, strong defense, leadership - all this is part of his game. He dropped his jaws during the second round against the Predators, literally manipulating two players in Nashville, one each in each hand.

His journey back to the post-season was long, but the 33-year-old Byfuglien made Winnipeg his home and is the key reason that the Jets are Canada's last surviving team this season. The last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was Montreal in 1993, and the 25-year drought was painful in the hockey house.

Winnipeg's captain Blake Wheeler considers Byfuglien "an excellent equalizer" and unlike others in the NHL.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

P.K. Subban makes promise that Predators will beat Jets in Game 6

This dragon, which now operates Winnipeg jets, with a set of serial solutions on the night of Monday night in Fanti-tob.

"We'll go there, we're going to win the game, we're going to come back here. It's that easy, "P. Nashville explained. Subban. "We will wake up in the morning, and the last page will be rotated. We will go to Winnipeg, we will win the game, and then we will come back here. "

Your team has pursued this series since the day it opened, burning Plan A, which was to run and a pistol with Airplanes, to Plan B, which was to catch life from the game and win this way.

Do you really want us to believe that you have a plan for C? (Hint: Subban really wants you to believe that Predators have a plan for C.)

We were wondering when the 31st man Kyle Connor would arrive in these playoffs when a player with 29 balls Nicholas Ehlers scored and when the 44-hour sniper Patrick Lane begins to bury some of the many scoring chances he has forged in this series.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Winnipeg Jets remain unbeaten at home in playoffs

Winnipeg Jets managed to carry away in the rear-view mirror a crushing double overtime loss.

Now they are hoping to do the same after a terrific victory.

The Jets are leading their second round of the playoffs with Nashville Predators 2-1 after winning a dramatic 7-4 victory on Tuesday 3 games despite a 3-0 backlog after the first period.

Winnipeg recoiled with four goals - including three in less than three minutes - at the deafening Bell MTS Place in the second. Predators tied things 4-4 in a power game in the third, but Jets received the late winner on a man's own advantage, before sealing it with two empty net targets.

And, like the answer to the 5-4 double win in Nashville in Game 2 that equalized the 1-1 West Conference semi-final, Winnipeg hopes to catch this emotional night and move forward.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Jets shake off slow start, beat Predators in Game 3

Draped in white with a miniature Stanley cup pasted onto her head, Sheila Hathaway joined the tens of thousands of revelers that flow into the joy of Winnipeg Jets' return to the playoffs of hockey on Tuesday night.

Grabbing another big cup of the Stanley Cup next to her breasts, she admitted that she was a little overwhelmed by the excitement that is engulfing the city.

The jets beat Nashville Predators 7-4 on Tuesday night to take 2-1 in the second round, the best of the seven.

Three hours before the game, the streets outside the arena near the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street, where fans could watch giant outdoor video screens, were jammed.

In the same corner of 1972, Ben Hathkin, the first owner of the team, announced the historic signing of Bobby Hall, the first escape of the NHL star in the club of the World Hockey Association.

Winnipeg Jets regrouping after Game 2 loss

Jacob Trouba observed how Mark Scheifele became a star more than others.

Winnipeg Jets began their NHL career full-time in 2013-14, when Trouba was the beginning defender, and Scheifele was a large, skilled center that excelled in learning the intricacies of the game.

That's why Trouba is not surprised that Scheifele is on fire in the playoffs by publishing eight goals that put him at the top of this category in Monday's games. In Pittsburgh, Jake Guenzel and Sidney Crosby and Washington Alex Ovechkin were seven.

"I think everyone in this room knows that (Scheifele) is capable," Troyes said on Monday after some of the aircraft were available after their 5-4 two-time loss to two carnivores in Nashville on Sunday evening.

"I do not think that this surprises no one. He showed that over the years he is so able to play. He's a big player, and he has a lot of skills. "

The planes flew to Winnipeg at 3 am on Monday morning morning after the separation of the first two games of their second round with predators in Nashville. The best of the seven, established between the two top league clubs, continues Tuesday and Thursday at Bell MTS Place, where Winnipeg won 12 matches.

Scheifele scored a couple goals in each of the games in Nashville. Kitchener, Ont., The native also added help on Sunday. Combined with his points in five Winnipeg games, a win over the first round over Minnesota, the 25-year-old player has 10 points in seven games.

His post-series spark is followed by a regular season, which included two different injuries to the upper body, the first of which disabled him for nearly six weeks. Scheifele missed 22 games, but up to 60 points in 60 games.

"He is very busy with recovery and such things, so I do not think that I am surprised at how he did it and how well he recovered," said Truba. "It's just a testament. I think everyone knows how much he loves hockey, and that's part of what makes him. "

Scheifele anchors the line with the rookie left winger Kyle Connor and Captain Blake Wheeler.

Only a few planes took part in the extra skate on Monday, including injured players such as defenseman Dmitry Kulikov, and attackers Joel Army and Mathieu Perrault.

Scheifele did not meet with reporters, but after losing on Sunday, he was frank in his analysis of the game, which ended when Kevin Fiala's Raptors scored at 5:37 of the second extra period.

"We had our chances, they had their chances. It happens in overtime, "Sheifel said after the game. "It's definitely a sucking way to get on the bad side, but it's over."

He said he is studying things in his second playoff series in his career. In 2015, after the season, the Jets were swept in their first-round series against Anaheim. Shefele had one help.

Head coach Jets Paul Maurice said that Scheifele sees himself as a playmaker, but he has a gift for the hammered races.

"We completely leave him alone in terms of his decisions with what he does on the offensive side of the puck, but he seems to have now also changed in some situations to become a rifleman."

Winnipeg's "white" crowd inside the rink, and thousands more at the extended street party, could watch more dense matches. While the Aircraft went home 32-7-2 in the regular season, the Predators record was 25-9-7.