Sunday, May 6, 2018

P.K. Subban makes promise that Predators will beat Jets in Game 6

This dragon, which now operates Winnipeg jets, with a set of serial solutions on the night of Monday night in Fanti-tob.

"We'll go there, we're going to win the game, we're going to come back here. It's that easy, "P. Nashville explained. Subban. "We will wake up in the morning, and the last page will be rotated. We will go to Winnipeg, we will win the game, and then we will come back here. "

Your team has pursued this series since the day it opened, burning Plan A, which was to run and a pistol with Airplanes, to Plan B, which was to catch life from the game and win this way.

Do you really want us to believe that you have a plan for C? (Hint: Subban really wants you to believe that Predators have a plan for C.)

We were wondering when the 31st man Kyle Connor would arrive in these playoffs when a player with 29 balls Nicholas Ehlers scored and when the 44-hour sniper Patrick Lane begins to bury some of the many scoring chances he has forged in this series.

In the spirit of the great Bob Cole, "everything happened" in Game 5, Lane breaks the decisive game, revealing a goal from Paul Stastny, who was standing right next to the fold of Pekka Rinne. Right now, Nashville's trap game goes in the gutter when they pursue the score.

After the first period, when the Jets simply survived, going to 0-0 in what was the main victory in the game in the game, Lan's shots were fired from Stavni's gloves. Then, just 82 seconds after Yannick Weber tied the game, Connor scored. Then Dustin Byfuglien strikes one past Rinne 2:05 later. Then Connor again, just 2:26 after that.

After 40 minutes, Nashville dropped by 4-2, and that's the problem:

Now they need to press. Now they need to take chances. And we went down this road in this series, did not we?

Winnipeg wins this game every time.

We knew this would work this way for those Jets who entered the postseason, together, almost a zero playoff experience. If they could hang long enough to score several hours of playoffs, perhaps, just maybe they will have what is needed when the time comes.

He arrived after the first period, which was a pure survival for the jets. When they sat down in 20 minutes and looked at each other through the locker room of the visitors here at the Bridgestone Arena.

"Keep our self-control. We are fine. The score is 0-0, "said Mathieu Perrot, a soothing, veteran presence that returned to the Jets lineup, which in fact grows stronger as these playoffs are scored. "Obviously, they had more chances, but we felt that the second will be a new period. We started getting our feet a little more, and you saw the difference exactly. "

Today, this Winnipeg Jets team flew home with the opportunity to destroy the victories of the presidents on trophies, defending the champions of the Western Conference. It's going to be a heck of a job, because for all the conversations that Subban put on Saturday, there are 19 other guys in this room with quiet determination that you can have only when you were as good as Nashville like Nashville.

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