Friday, May 18, 2018

Jets have their work cut out in Vegas

Fans of Winnipeg Jets arrived in Las Vegas, reveling in the novelty of their team in the third round of the NHL playoffs and coming to the city of Sins to see it.

"We've been waiting for our whole life to be so deep in the series, and then you throw Las Vegas into it, it's nuts," Chris Kirkwood said in the shadow of T-Mobile Arena.

The Jets pulled the Vegas Golden Knights 2-1 expansion into the final of the NHL West Conference with Game 4 at T-Mobile on Friday, and the series returned to Winnipeg for Sunday's game 5.

Some Jets fans had many days to follow their team.

"I went to the game" Jets "the day before, got three hours of sleep, jumped on a plane, passed through Vancouver, San Francisco," said Mark Kuriat. "I left at 6:30 in the morning, got to Vegas at seven o'clock and was in bed by nine."

Kuriat, owner of the season ticket, since Jets returned to Winnipeg in 2011, is firmly convinced that his team is now the national team of Canada.

"Absolutely, how could you not love planes?" He said. "It's a lifelong dream to go so far into the playoffs and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup."

Direct flights from Winnipeg to Las Vegas do not occur on a daily basis, but WestJet added an additional non-stop flight on both Thursday and Sunday, in addition to the regular itinerary in anticipation of Game 6 in Vegas.

The white Jets fans mingled with knight supporters in front of T-Mobile before Wednesday's game.

Pam Hurd, a native of Winnipeg, now living in California, went all out of her costume with a white wig, big white sunglasses and a white dress.

The hymn of the singer Carnell Johnson hospitably stopped during O Canada on Wednesday to allow the Jets fans to echo with their traditional screaming "Real North".

Johnson, according to a Las Vegas review, is a gondolier in a Venetian hotel and serenades of his lucky passengers.

Even in an obsessive bubble team, head coach Jets Paul Maurice knew about the arrival of the Jets Nation.

"Everyone has their own little pleasant moment with this," said Maurice. "It's a little story and her own party.

"And those who were lucky enough to get on the plane to go down, they want this to continue. They're in. They are invested. They spend money and emotional capital, and if they can get on the plane, they do it. "

Ronnie Chubati, his brother Brandon and Kim Carnahan arrived on the eve of Game 3 on Sunday, and spent time waiting for the puck to "drink and sit by the pool," among other entertainment, Ronnie said.

"I did not expect Vegas to take it far. I like it. Great people. It's very fun, "Chubaty said. "I think it's good for the NHL. Seattle, Quebec, there are a few rumors, Kansas City. It can work for them. "

The trio did not have to play for Game 4, however, and went back to Winnipeg on Thursday.

"I like how Jets brought Winnipeg together," Brandon said. "The center of the city, all the crowds. You see signs everywhere, everywhere you see car flags. I just like to feel. We all look like one family.

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