Saturday, May 26, 2018

Busy offseason now looms for Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg jets planes are dead. "The Vegas Golden Knights" shocked the world of hockey (again) by withdrawing the "Jets" in the final of the Western Conference to move to the Stanley Cup finals in their first season. This is the first time the expansion team made a round of the championship in any major North American sport since 1968 in the St. Louis Blues, although in a variety of circumstances.

The incredible victory of Vegas occurs after the Jets took off the winner of the Nashville Predators, who won the trophies of the presidents, in the second round, confirming their status as one of the best teams that the league can offer. Incredibly, the Golden Knights were better.

And the most surprising of all, that all this series was just five games.

Let's see where everything went wrong for the aircraft.

Come on, did you expect us to start somewhere else? Fleury was the biggest factor for the Golden Knights throughout his unlikely playoffs, and he was again impressive for most of the conference finals.

It does not matter. Fleury still remained the dominant Fleury, whom we expect from this postseason.

The planes also got their chances. They went to the "Golden Knights" in four out of five games and dodged them in power in three of these games. They came into strong jerks at the end of Games 3 and 4, and Fleury helped the knights survive with such force as this.

This series was not quite as one-sided as the gentleman supposed, but the biggest drawback was the quality of the game on the net.

If you had to guess the reason for the possible demise of Jetts, their crime is likely to be quite far from the list of guesses.

This, as they say, we are here. The scoreboard is seen for itself; Once in this series Winnipeg scored more than two goals. Do you want to guess which game the Jets won?

And, yes, Mark-André Fleury was an impressive and serious reason why Jets was so marginally hurt, but it's still fair to expect more from the Jets crime, which looked so strong and so deep throughout the year.

The center of the top line Mark Scheiffel was magnificent throughout the season for the aircraft, and he made three goals in this series (two on equal terms), but the only other Winnipeg player who scored an even goal throughout the series was the fourth liner Joel Armee, who scored in game 1.

I will reiterate that: "The Jets" did not get any goal with the forward, not named Mark Sheifel in the last four games of the series. The Cotton.

Lane, like several of his teammates, had chances. He was often denied good gates or bad goals (he hit several messages and missed the grid) and you could see his disappointment throughout the series.

The difference between the absence of Lyne and Ehlers in the Nashville series and their absence from the Vegas series was Centerman Paul Stastny. Veteran Stastnyi was able to make five goals and 10 points in the Predators series, and in the Jets series he had only one point (power game). He was also a minus-4.

At the beginning of this series, I said that the top line of the Golden Knights needed a mad performance to give the Vegas a shot in this series because the depth of Winnipeg was so good.

And although their top line was very good, Vegas proved that I am mistaken, bringing much better secondary efforts than expected. Damn, the goal of the clinch in Game 5 came off the stick of Ryan Reeves, of all people.

This was especially important in the two games that Vegas played at home, as the Golden Knights found great success in their own building throughout the year. They seem to be fueling the energy and the noisy atmosphere often provided by their home crowd, and Winnipeg was unable to blow air from this building in the two games that they play there.

Jets' reaction to creating a crime is well documented, but even when they could get on board and direct the move to their advantage, too often they returned it, allowing a quick response from Vegas.

In Game 4, Patrick Laine got Winnipeg on the board and tied the game halfway through the second period with the big goal of the game. It took 43 seconds for the knights to regain their lead thanks to another horrible behavior from Hellebuyck.

The loan goes to Vegas for being inexorable and does not tear off the leg of the gas, but Winnipeg has made it too easy for the Knights to play with an impulse on their side. The most effective Jets shots in the series may have been the ones they put on their own foot.

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